Labor on verge of winning Queensland


The north-eastern state of Queensland went to the polls today after Premier Campbell Newman called a snap election last month.

The parties were contesting for 89 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland which the Liberals along with the Nationals won in 2012 from Labor in a landslide victory. This time things look much close with exit polls predicting a large surge in Labor support.

In 2012 the Liberal National of Queensland (LNP) won 49.66% of the vote and 78 seats (+44) whilst Labor (ALP) took 26.66% and dropped 44 seats to seven seats. Katter’s Australian Party took the remaining two seats. During the course of the parliament te LNP were reduced to 73 seats and Labor went up to nine seats as a result of defections and by-elections.

Exit polls that have just emerged suggest that Labor will take 54% of the vote with the LNP on 46%. Campbell Newman looks set to lose his seat and the Labor leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk, could become the new Premier.

A loss in Queensland would be a major blow to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. His party lost Victoria in state elections in November and he has appeared to become accident prone in recent times with talk even of a change of leadership in the Liberal Party of Australia.

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