Labor seize back Northern Territories


The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has won a resounding victory in the Northern Territories Legislative Assembly election which took place yesterday.

A total of 25 seats were up for election with Labor on seven seats before the election and the Northern Territory Country Liberal Party (CLP), which is part of the federal Liberal/National Coalition, on 11 seats. Although the final tally has to be confirmed it looks as though Labor have picked up at least fifteen seats and the Country Liberals have been reduced to three seats.

Chief Minister Adam Giles of the Country Liberals has conceded defeat and described the Labor victory as a “thumping” defeat. Mr Giles admitted that a series of scandals and infighting had taken their toll saying “Tonight’s result is a lesson in disunity is death … it’s a result of looking after yourself rather than the people.”

Labor leader Michael Gunner is expected to be the new Chief Minister.

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