Labor wins Queensland


The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has won 43 seats and expects to reach the required 45 seats (four are still being counted) to form a majority government in the Queensland Legislative Assembly.

Labor held the state until 2012 when they were reduced to just seven seats. In 2015 they have restored many of their seats and reduced the Liberal National Party of Queensland to 39 seats, down 34 seats so far.

The result has been a disaster for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott who currently has a 27% approval rating. In a terse statement on his website the Prime Minister says “I have spoken to Campbell Newman to thank him for his service to Queensland. Obviously, it has been a very difficult outcome for him and his government. Campbell Newman can be proud of what his government did to restore Queensland’s finances and to boost its economy. There are lessons in this result for all governments, including the Federal one. The LNP will be looking at them closely. The Federal Government remains fully committed to creating jobs and helping families get ahead”.

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