Latest polls and drugs money claims


The latest polls show that Alejandro Toledo is maintaining his lead in the presidential election and perhaps pulling away slightly although not by enough to prevent a second round of voting.  The latest poll is from Imasen SAC although there have been further polls completed by Datum and Ipsos Apoyo which show similar results.

Alejandro Toldeo 30% (+2%)

Luis Castaneda 19.6% (+1.6%)

Keiko Fujimori 19.2% (+1.2%%)

Ollanta Humala 14.1% (+1.1%)

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski 6.4% (-0.4%)

The Imasen poll went on to ask voters about their intentions if there was a runoff.

In a second round between Toledo and Fujimori, Toledo would get 48.6% and Fujimori 33.3%.

If the runoff was between Toldeo and Castaneda then Toldeo would get 47.2% and Castaneda 37.5%.

This second round scenario should be treated with some caution, nevertheless it suggests that Alejandro Toldeo of Perú Posible is still very much the front runner.

Meanwhile there have been revelations that some candidates may have taken money linked to drugs cartels for their campaigns.

Incumbent President Alan Garcia (who is not running in the election) admits that he did unwittingly accept cash.  Alejandro Toledo and Ollanta Humala have denied the accusations, whilst Keiko Fujimori has said that she did accept money from someone who had been framed on drugs charges.

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