LDP win local elections round one


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) was a clear winner in the local elections which took place last Sunday.

Incumbents backed by the LDP won all 10 gubernatorial elections on Sunday and four of the five Mayoral contests were also won by LDP backed candidates.

In the 41 of the 47 prefectural assembly elections there were 2,284 seats up for grabs. The LDP took 1,153 of those seats whilst the official national opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won just 264 seats (down from 317 seats). In many cases the LDP experienced little or no opposition and the elections were less a vote of confidence in the LDP government and more a lack of any meaningful opposition. In 22% of the seats the candidates were elected unopposed.

Other parties to win seats in the prefectural assemblies were the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) with 111 seats, the LDPs coalition partner Komeito with 169 seats and the Social Democrats with 31 seats.

In the municipal assembly elections where 1,022 seats were up for grabs the LDP took 301 seats, Komeito came second with 174 seats, then the JCP with 136 seats and trailing in fourth place the DPJ with 126 seats.

Average turnout for the elections was around 45%.

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