Liberal triumph in Tasmania and disappointment in South Australia


The Liberals won Tasmania after 16 years of Labor rule in a state election which took place on Saturday. The preferential vote system used in Australia is complicated and final results usually take a few days to come in, but the Liberals look set to take 14 of the 25 seats in the state legislature, up from 10 seats in 2010.

Despite promising opinion polling the Liberals were not so fortunate in South Australia where another election was taking place. Polling suggested that they would gain a clear win, but the final result, which could take days to complete, looks like it will be 23 seats for Labor and 22 seats for the Liberals. However, there are thousands of pre-poll and postal votes still to count and it is possible that the margin may swing the other way.

Whatever the final result it looks like the two Independent MPs Geoff Brock and Bob Such will be king makers in the new 47 seat House of Assembly.

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