Liberals hang on in Ontario


The Liberals have just about managed to hang on in Ontario and will form a minority government in the 40th parliament of the province.

The Liberals of Premier Dalton McGuinty managed to hold on to 53 of the 107 seats in the legislative assembly; that is a drop from the 71 seats they had in 2007 but makes this an historic third term in office for the party. They took 37.^% of the vote.

The Progressive Conservatives (PC), despite having what was described as a lacklustre campaign, managed to raise their vote to 35.4% and take 37 seats where previously they had 26 seats.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) also had a good night, winning 22.7% of the vote and taking their tally from 10 in 2007 to 17 seats in the new legislature.

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