Liberals launch manifesto


The Liberals have launched their manifesto, ‘Your Family.  Your Future.  Your Canada’ for the 2nd May 2011 poll.  The headlines include:

  • Set firm and realistic deficit targets
  • Cancel further tax cuts for the largest corporations and restore 2010 tax rates
  • Review spending programme
  • Focus on three Canadian champion sectors, clean resources, health and biosciences and digital technologies
  • Put in place a Youth Hiring Incentive
  • Invest in quality, affordable child care
  • Help with costs of college or university through a Learning Passport
  • Help families take time off to look after sick loved ones
  • Strengthen universally accessible healthcare
  • Build on Canada Pension Plan
  • Quadruple renewable energy production by 2017
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance carbon pricing
  • End corporate tax breaks for oil sand development
  • Expand parks & protected spaces and develop a freshwater strategy
  • Implement a Green Renovation Tax Credit for home improvements
  • Invest in Affordable Housing Frameworks and Poverty Reduction Plan
  • Improve essential services to rural Canada
  • Create a new Canadian Service Corps
  • Support for art, culture and home grown content in a digital Canada
  • Create open government and restore mandatory long form census
  • Develop next generation of Official Language Plan
  • Enter into Global Network Agreements first with China and India
  • Become a leader in the Arctic
  • Create a new Canadian Democracy Agency for international development including re-engaging with Africa and supporting Women
  • Lead in conflict prevention
  • Better balance between defence, diplomacy and development.

 The full manifesto PDF can be found under the Canada page and then ‘Links’ or go direct to the Liberals website,

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