Liechtenstein votes


The people of Liechtenstein are voting today to elect a new 25 member parliament or Landtag.

In the 2013 election the centre-right Patriotic Union (VU) dropped five seats to take eight seats and dropped out of power. The right-wing Progressive Citizens’ Party (FBP) also dropped a seat but took ten seats and with the help of The Independents (DU), formed in 2013, who won four seats, they were able to take power. A fourth party, the centre-left Free List (FL) won three seats and increase of two seats on the 2009 election.

Parties have to get over an eight percent threshold to win representation. There are 71 candidates standing with the Patriotic Union being the only party to submit a full slate of candidates. The FBP have 22 candidates, the DU has 16 candidates and the FL has eight candidates. Polling stations are open from 10.30 am until 12 noon local time and there are 19,806 registered to vote.

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