Local elections in Santa Fe province


The province of Santa Fe is holding local elections today just a few months before the 25th October general and presidential election. The vote will be followed very closely because Santa Fe is Argentina’s third most populous province with around 8.4% of the national electorate.

Since 2007 Santa Fe has been governed by the Progressive, Civic and Social Front (FPCyS), a non-Peronist centre-left alliance. The spotlight will be on the gubernatorial contest, where Republican Proposal (PRO) opposition presidential candidate Mauricio Macri’s candidacy could receive a substantial boost if the PRO’s gubernatorial candidate, Miguel Del Sel, is able to defeat his principal rival, the FPCyS’s Miguel Lifschitz.

A Del Sel victory would highlight the electoral viability of the PRO and by extension Mauricio Macri, outside the party’s stronghold in the capital Buenos Aires and hence make him the key opposition candidate to defeat the current Peronist ruling party presidential candidate.

There are 2,580,882 eligible voters who will go to 7,628 polling stations.

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