Lukashenko will be elected for fifth term in Presidential election today


There are four candidates standing in this election, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, Nikolai Ulakhovich, Sergei Gaidukevich and Tatiana Korotkevich.

Alexander Lukashenko, standing as an independent, will win the election. He has the state media and state apparatus working for him whilst Tatiana Korotkevich of the People’s Referendum coalition is the only real opposition candidate.

Korotkevich has the backing of “Tell the Truth”, a campaign to expose the truth about Belorussian society. During the course of the campaign there was one televised debate but Lukashenko didn’t bother to turn up.

Early voting started on 6th October and went through to 10th October. On polling day there will be 6,100 polling stations serving the 6,995,181 eligible voters from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. There are 49 polling stations based in missions abroad and three agencies are conducting exit polls so we should know the result by early Monday morning.

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