Luxembourg votes in snap election


Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister since 1995 may find that his reign will come to an end today as the people of Luxembourg go to the polls in a snap general election.

The election came about after claims that he had failed to stop illegal activities including phone tapping by the country’s security agency, the Service de Renseignement de l’Etat (SREL). As a result Juncker’s coalition government collapsed in July and he was forced to call the election for today.

There are nine parties standing in the election with 540 candidates vying for the 60 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The nine parties in the order in which they appear on the ballot paper is as follows:

1. The Left (Déi Lénk) – won one seat in 2009
2. Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR) – won four seats in 2009
3. Communist Party of Luxembourg (KPL) – no seats in 2009
4. Democratic Party (DP) – the main opposition party with nine seats in 2009
5. Pirate Party Luxembourg (Piraten) – a new party founded in October 2009
6. The Greens (Déi Gréng) – won seven seats in 2009
7. Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP) – coalition partner of the CSV it won 13 seats in 2009
8. Christian Social People’s Party (CSV) – the ruling party, it won 26 of 60 seats in 2009
9. Party for Complete Democracy (PID) – a new party founded in June 2013

Although the CSV is well ahead in the polls it has dropped about 10 percentage points since the 2009 election and there has been talk of a coalition centred on the LSAP, Green party and the DP if they can muster enough seats.

A total of 238,587 people are eligible to vote between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time. Results are expected by early evening.

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