Macron resigns to fight presidential election


Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, Emmanuel Macron, has resigned from the French government to devote himself to his new political movement, the presidential website has announced. Michel Sapin, the Minister of Finance becomes the Minister of Economy and Finance.

In the same presidential announcement Ms. George Pau-Langevin, Minister of Overseas, has also resigned and will be replaced by Ms. Ericka Bareigts.

Macron (38) is now expected to make a bid for the presidency in next year’s presidential election, expected sometime in late April or early May. In April this year Emmanuel Macron set up a new political movement called En Marche (On the Move) which is described as centrist.

A large field of candidates have declared their interest in standing next year with Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front leading the field in the opinion polls on 29%. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy has also announced that he will stand for centre-right The Republicans and is on 23% in the polls whilst incumbent Socialist Party President François Hollande is on 13%.

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