Main parties do badly


The main two political parties in the Hellenic Parliament did badly in the general election yesterday. In particular the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) which won 43.92% of the vote and 160 seats in 2009 was reduced to just 41 seats and 13.2% of the vote according to the latest projections with most of the votes counted.

The largest party in the new parliament will be New Democracy (ND) which has won a projected 108 seats up from 91 seats. However, that does not reflect the bad night this second major party really had. In 2009 they took 33.5% of the vote and 91 seats, yesterday they managed just 18.88%. The largest party automatically receives an extra 50 seats in the parliament therefore that means that the ND won 58 seats compared with the 91 seats in 2009.

The major winners were the anti-capitalist Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) who came second with 16.76% of the vote and a projected 52 seats, up from 13 seats in 2009.

The Independent Greeks, a splinter group from New Democracy also did well; they took around 33 seats with 10.6% of the vote and return to parliament as a political force in their own right.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) did a little better, taking 26 seats, up from 21 in 2009 and the Democratic Left (DIMAR) took 19 seats with 6.1% of the vote.

Another new party to enter parliament is Golden Dawn, a radical nationalist and Eurosceptic party; they took 21 seats with 6.97% of the vote.

Antonis Samaras will now be tasked with the job of trying to put together a coalition government from amongst a group of parliamentary parties that are largely hostile to the conditions of the recent EU/IMF bailout.

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