Main parties neck and neck


A Marktest Poll published in the Portuguese newspaper Diario Economico this week shows that the two main parties in the 5th June general election are now neck and neck.

Just a month ago the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) were leading with 47% of the vote, today they are down to 35.3%, a drop of 12%. In the same period the party of Prime Minister José Sócrates, the Socialist Party (PS) has risen 11% to 36.1%, just ahead of the PSD.

The newspaper also reports that the fortunes of PSD leader Pedro Passos Coelho have deteriorated with 60% of 18 – 34 years olds having a negative image of him.

If this polling were to be taken through to an election result then we would see a hung parliament. This would give the winner little ability to move forward with an austerity drive which is being demanded as Portugal seeks a bailout from the EU and IMF.

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