Mursi declared winner of Presidential contest


The Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) today announced that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the presidential election is the winner.

Mursi took 51.73% of the vote compared with 48.27% of the vote for his rival and ex prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq. The PEC also announced that 26.4 million of the 50.95 eligible voters in the election voted. Nearly one million votes were declared invalid, although the PEC says that this did not affect the result of the ballot.

Mohamed Mursi (61) studied engineering at Cairo University before taking a PhD at the University of California. In 1985 he returned to Egypt to teach engineering at the University of Zagazig. He was twice imprisoned by the Mubarak regime for his membership of the Muslim Brotherhood and was elected as an independent candidate to the People’s Assembly in 2000 – 2005.

Mursi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office before becoming the first president of their political party, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

The new president will take up his post on 1st July, although the Muslim Brotherhood is insisting that he is sworn in in front of the Parliament. But since Parliament was dissolved last week it is more likely that he will be sworn in in front of the Constitutional Court.

Mohamed Mursi will have a difficult few months ahead of him. The economy is probably his largest problem as it continues to decline; the Egyptian pound hit a seven year low against other currencies today. He will also have to contend with many groups who oppose him, including the despairing Shafiq voters, many of whom were in tears tonight. Then he has to come to some agreement with the military about the calling of fresh legislative elections and the formulation of a constitution.

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