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National down after leaders debate


The governing party, National, led by Prime Minister John Key has seen a drop in their fortunes following the first leaders debate on Monday (31st October). National has dropped 3.6% in a post debate RadioLIVE – Horizon Poll. Phil Goff the Labour leader was judged by most commentators to have come out on top and to have been the more confident and relaxed throughout the debate.

At one point there was a heated exchange when Goff called Key a liar by promising not to raise GST (Goods and Services Tax) after the election. John Key reacted angrily but Goff simply replied that ‘you have to respect the truth’.

National 35.7% – 3.6% (2008 44.93%)
Labour 30.4% + 4.1% (2008 33.99%)
Green Party 13.7% + 2.9% (2008 6.72%)
New Zealand First 6.5% – 1.3%
Conservative Party 4.1% + 0.7%
Act 2.7% + 0.8%
Māori Party 1.2% – 0.7%
Mana Party 1.8% – 0.5%
United Future 0.8% + 0.5%.

The last election took place on 8th November 2008 and this election will take place on 26th November 2011. There are 13 political parties registered and 544 candidates are vying for 120 seats in the House of representatives.

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