Nationalist candidate in surprise win


Tomislav Nikolić, the candidate of the nationalist Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), has won a surprise victory in the Serbian presidential election. Nikolić took 50.21% to that of incumbent president Boris Tadic of the centrist Democratic Party (DS) who was seeking as third term in office who scored 45.77% according to the B92 news station. Tadic was quick to concede defeat and congratulate the winner, although he ruled out being prime minister under a new administration.

Turnout was 46.87% and 3.03% of the ballots were invalid.

In his first address to the nation Nikolić stressed that Serbia “will not stray from the European path” and he also reiterated that Serbia will not abandon its people in Kosovo and Metohija. He said that he wanted to see a modern economy and also wanted to eradicate corruption and get rid of partisan oligarchy.

The Democratic Party (DS) and Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) agreed to form a government following the general election on 6th May. The Socialist leader,Ivica Dačić, has said that this will remain unchanged despite the win by Nikolić. That would lead to a government from a different set of parties to the president which will make government a lot more complicated.

The results announced so far are preliminary results and the full results are expected within two to three days.

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