New Brunswick votes for a new Legislative Assembly


The people of New Brunswick, one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces in the east of the country, will vote to elect a new Legislative Assembly today.

A total of 49 seats are up for grabs and in 2010 the Progressive Conservatives took 42 seats with 48.9% of the vote. The Liberals won 13 seats with 34.4% of the vote in the then 55 seat Assembly.

But a change looks set for today with the Liberals led by 32 year old Brian Gallant on 45% of the vote in the most recent opinion poll and the Progressive Conservatives led by David Alward down on 36% support.

The Progressive Conservatives took the Legislative Assembly from the Liberals in 2010 and it is considered an important province by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A federal election is due to take place in October 2015.

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