New election possible


Following the collapse of support for the two main parties in Sunday’s general election, a failure to produce a coalition government makes a new election look increasingly likely.

Since the election the leader of the largest party, New Democracy, Antonis Samaras has met with the leader of Syriza which came second, PASOK the former governing party and the Democratic Left. The Independent Greeks and Communists refused to meet for talks.

Samaras was unable to secure enough support to form a government and has passed the mandate back to President Karolos Papoulias who then asked the leader of Syriza, Alexis Tspiras to form a government.

New Democracy and PASOK have made it clear that they will not go back on the agreement with the European Union which secured an EU/IMF bailout for Greece.

Syriza has made it clear that they will not be part of a government that supports the agreement and they will only work with New Democracy or PASOK if the leaders reverse their decision on the agreement.

Syriza has also issued a five point demand for government according to the Athens News newspaper. The demands include:

• an end to pension and wage cuts
• an end to dismantling of labour rights
• electoral reform and an end to parliamentary immunity
• state oversight of the banks
• an audit of the national debt and a moratorium on all repayments until this is completed.

The Communist Party (KKE) has said that it will not work with a New democracy government or Syriza which makes the arithmetic of forming a government almost impossible even if the parties could come closer to an agreement.

Athens News has reported today that the Syriza leader has been meeting with smaller parties who did not win parliamentary seats on Sunday. That only strengthens the suggestion that he may be trying to build an alliance for a further general election in the hope of gaining more seats and breaking the deadlock.

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