New polls suggest decline in Conservative support


Two new opinion polls out at the beginning of April suggest that in the first week of campaigning there has been a decline in support for the Conservatives.  The two polls from Nanos Research and Harris-Decima are shown below in brackets.  We have then averaged the results.

Conservatives (35% & 42.3%)   38.65%

Liberals (28% & 28.4%)    28.2%

New Democrats (17% & 16.4%)   16.7%

Bloc Quebecois (10% & 8%)   9%

Greens (8% & 3.8%)   5.9%.

The first week of the campaign has been dominated by negative campaigning with the Conservatives attacking the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.  Although it hasn’t resulted in any great benefit for the Liberals, in Toronto their support has slipped back, it suggests that the negative campaigning is not helping the Conservatives.

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