New Speaker elected


Somalia’s parliament has moved forward to the next stage in their setting up of new democratic institutions by electing a new Speaker.

Professor Mohamed Osman Jawari was elected from six candidates to become the new speaker; he replaces the transitional Speaker, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan. Professor Jawari took 119 votes with his closest rival, Aki Kahlif Galayr taking 79 votes.

Mr Jawari (67) was previously a minister in the government of Siad Barre before it was toppled in 1991. He is a lawyer who has worked for the United Nations and as an academic in Norway. He sat on several committees that oversaw the drafting of the new constitution and is an expert in Sharia.

The election of the speaker means that with 260 of the 275 members of parliament now in place it should be possible to move ahead with the election of the president and the formation of a new government.

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