NFA set to win first free election


In a move which sets Libya aside from other Arab Spring states, it looks as though the more secular and liberal National Forces Alliance (NFA) led by Mahmoud Jibril, a former interim prime minister of Libya, will be the largest party. In other countries it has been Islamists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood who have come out on top but in Libya they appear to be in second place.

In early results trickling out from the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), the NFA which is an alliance of around 40 smaller parties seems to have won in the major cities.

Meanwhile, yesterday Mahmoud Jibril called for all parties to come together in a national coalition government. He went on to say that no-one was a loser in the election and that all Libya was the winner.

Turnout was around 65% in the election held on Sunday for 200 seats in the new interim parliament.

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