Nur-Otan wins all 16 seats in Senate election


The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kazakhstan has announced the results of the Senate election which took place on Wednesday 1st October.

As expected all sixteen seats were filled by the ruling Nur-Otan party. Four of the Senators were re-elected.

The election was an indirect election with an Electoral College of 3279 voters of whom 3236 voted (98.69% turnout).

The Senate has 47 members, 32 of whom are elected for six year terms by local government assemblies with half reviewed every three years. The remaining 15 Senators are presidential appointees. The Senate has two Senators from each of Kazakhstan’s 14 provinces and a further two from each of the major cities Astana and Almaty.

The sixteen seats coming up for election this time were those elected in 2008.

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