Opinion polls suggest stalemate


Four opinion polls published since the two TV debates of the four parliamentary leaders in the past week would suggest that no one party has yet to make a break through.

The Conservatives are still in the lead with an average from the four polls of 36.7%, down a fraction on previous polls but well within the margin of error. They are still well short of securing a majority in the election on 2nd May.

The Liberals are also languishing at around 27.6%, which must be a disappointment to them. The New Democrat leader, Jack Layton, worked hard in the debates to show that they are a credible opposition, but again the polls show no breakthrough with their average of the four polls being 19.5%.

Bloc Québécois stand on 7.9% and the Greens on 6.2%. The Green leader was not invited to the televised debates but worked the blogs and Twitter very hard as the other leaders were debating, it seems, to no effect. The Greens do not have parliamentary representation at present.

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