Opposition stalls National Assembly with walkout


Guinea’s main opposition has withdrawn from the National Assembly in protest at the failure of the government to hold municipal and community elections earlier this year as promised.

Guinea has suffered from political turmoil with legislative elections repeatedly delayed since 2007 and with a military coup d’état in 2008. On 3rd July 2013 an internationally brokered deal meant that the National Assembly elections finally went ahead on 28th September last year with local elections planned for early 2014.

President Alpha Condé’s Rally of the Guinean People (RPG) failed to gain a majority in the 114 seat National Assembly, taking just 53 seats. The main opposition party, the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) took 37 seats and the Union of Republican Forces (UFC) took 10 seats. It was these two opposition parties along with several smaller parties who made the decision yesterday to boycott parliament until local elections are held.

The opposition has stated that in addition to boycotting the National Assembly they also intend to hold street demonstrations. The last time there were street demonstrations more than 60 opposition supporters were killed.

The withdrawal of the opposition from parliament will also stall the legislative programme because a two thirds quorum is required for such law-making.

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