Opposition take Interior and Labour portfolios


The Macedonian government led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s ruling VMRO DPMNE party agreed this week to include members of the opposition into the Cabinet.

The move comes after months of political crisis with the opposition Social Democrats accusing the government of fixing the last election in April 2014 and then the crisis grew when it was revealed that there had been widespread use of wire-tapping which ran to more than 670,000 recordings of as many as 20,000 phone numbers.

The parties signed an agreement back in July to organise a caretaker government prior to early elections planned or 24th April 2016. Since then the crisis has rolled on and several deadlines were missed. But this week the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) took the Minister of Interior as well as the Minister of Social Policy and Labour portfolios in the Cabinet. The opposition will also appoint a new Deputy Minister of Finance Minister, a Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration and a Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

The new Interior Minister is Oliver Spasovski and the new Minister of Social Policy and Labour is Frosina Remenski.

The talks between the government and opposition have been brokered by the European Union and they have now turned their attention on media freedom in the lead up to the election.

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