Opposition win capital Quito in major setback to President


President Rafael Correa admitted yesterday that the loss by his Alianza PAIS (AP) movement of the capital, Quito, in local elections on Sunday was a major setback. The party also lost the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca, and failed to regain the second largest city Guayaquil.

The new centre-right Mayors for the three cities will be Mauricio Rodas (Quito) who took 58.9% of the vote, incumbent Jaime Nebot (Guayaquil) who had 57.5% and Marcelo Cabrera (Cuenca) who won with 44.4% of the vote.

Despite the setback of losing the major urban areas of the country the Alianza PAIS (AP) still won the majority of seats across the country.

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