Opposition win election


The Mongolian opposition Democratic Party (DP) has won a narrow victory in the general election which took place on Thursday.

The General Election Commission has announced the preliminary results for the contest as follows:

For the 48 seats in the 76 seat State Great Hural elected in constituencies the results were:

Democratic Party (DP) 22 seats
Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) 19 seats
Justice Coalition (made up of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, MPRP and the Mongolian National Democratic Party, MNDP) 4 seats
Independents 3 seats.

Seats have not been allocated as yet for the 28 proportional seat allocations. Four parties exceeded the 5% threshold and the votes of the remaining parties will be allocated in a complex weighting system. The results for the four parties crossing the threshold are:

Democratic Party 35.32%
Mongolian People’s Party 31.31%
Justice Coalition 22.31%
Civil Will Green Party (CWGP) 5.51%.

All results have still to be confirmed. Turnout was 65.24%.

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