Palau elects a President and Parliament today


The 15,890 voters in the Pacific island nation of Palau will go to the polls today to elect a new president, vice-president, the 16 members of the House of Delegates and the 13 members of the Senate.

The incumbent president, Tommy Remengesau is running as is his brother-in-law Surangel Whipps Jr. in the presidential election. Raynold Oilouch and Koror State Governor Yositaka Adachi are running in the vice-presidential race. There are 24 candidates standing in the Senate election and 33 standing for the House of Delegates.

There are no political parties contesting the National Congress (the name of the lower and upper houses collectively).

In the 2012 presidential election Tommy Remengesau took 58% of the vote to win the presidential election whilst Kerai Mariur won the vice-presidential election with 47.99% of the vote.

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