Palau votes for President, Vice President and Parliament


The 15,305 voters in the Pacific island state of Palau go to the polls today to elect a president, vice-president and members of the bicameral parliament.

In the presidential election the incumbent, Johnson Toribiong will be contesting against former president (2001 – 2009) Tommy Remengesau Jr.

Incumbent vice-president, Kerai Mariur, will face off newcomer Antonio Bells for the vice-presidential contest.

There are 34 candidates for the 13 Senate seats and 38 candidates for the 16 House of Delegates seats. There are no political parties in Palau and all candidates stand as non-partisans.

Voting takes place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. local time with the Electoral Commission having sent out 2,927 absentee ballot papers. Because of the size of the electorate the absentee ballots are expected to play an important role in the elections. Absentee voters have seven days after the polling day date to return their ballot papers which means that the result will not be known for at least a week.

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