Parliament dissolved with early elections expected


King Abdullah II dissolved parliament yesterday and has called for elections to be held in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The current government will now have a week to resign their positions and the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) will issue a date for fresh elections probably for early next year, but the maximum delay is specified as 85 days with the announcement likely to be on 15th October.

Currently there are 1.98 million registered voters with around 3 million Jordanians eligible to vote. According to the Jordan Times some 22,755 voters registered with the IEC on Thursday alone as the news was announced.

Although a number of reforms were introduced in new legislation in July, the main political parties including the Muslim Brotherhood are expected to boycott the elections because the reforms are considered to create a weak parliament. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for a mass rally today in protest at the lack of real reform and the failure to change the districts in which parliamentarians are elected.

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