Parliament elects a Speaker and two Deputies


Iraq’s new Parliament has succeeded in electing a new Speaker and two Deputies. This is a significant breakthrough in what had been an impasse in parliament over the Prime Ministerial post; that has still to be decided.

The moderate Sunni politician Salim al-Jabouri was elected as speaker yesterday. Salim al-Jabouri, from Maliki’s State of Law coalition received 194 out of a possible 273 votes.

Haider al-Abadi won the post of first Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in the second round of the vote. Al-Abadi got 188 votes out of a total of 264 voters. Haider al-Abadi is from the Shi’ite Islamic Dawa Party, part of Maliki’s State of Law coalition

Aram al-Sheikh Mohamed, of the al-Tagheir bloc of the Kurdistani Alliance was elected the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament. He received 171 of 241 votes.

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