Parliament fails to elect president


Although scheduled to do so, the Moldovan parliament was not able to elect a president again yesterday and the ballot was cancelled.

The country has been without an elected president since Vladimir Voronin stepped down after his statutory two terms in 2009. Currently the post is being filled by acting president and Speaker of parliament Marian Lupu.

To win an election a candidate needs 61 of the 101 deputies in the parliament (60%). Currently the ruling three party Alliance for European Integration holds 59 seats and the Communist Party (PCRM) holds 42 seats.

It had been hoped that the stalemate might have been broken when three members of the PCRM left this month including former prime minister Zinaida Greceanii. Although the three defectors have held talks about how to break the impasse, the Alliance has been unable to agree on a candidate leading to a further impasse. If the parliament fails to elect a president after two failed attempts then a new general election must be called. This explains why the parliament did not vote on Friday without a clear choice from within the Alliance for European Integration.

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