Parliament set alight as Ali Bongo re-elected


Minister of Interior Pachomius Moubelet Boubeya has announced that President Ali Bongo Ondimba had been re-elected. After a delay of at least two days following the poll, the interior minister said that Ali Bongo Ondimba had received 49.8% of the vote compared with his main rival Jean Ping who had taken 48.23%.

The result was immediately condemned by the opposition and their supporters went on a rampage which saw looting and destruction. The National Assembly (parliament) building was set alight and the Vice-President’s residence was attacked. There are also reports that security forces stormed the opposition headquarters early this morning and killed at least two people.

European Union observers said that the vote on Saturday was “managed in a way that lacked transparency”. Turnout on Saturday was 59.46% but reportedly rose to an improbable 99.93% in Haut-OgoouĂ© where Bongo won 95.5% of votes.

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