Parliamentary election to be held on 22nd November


A royal decree issued yesterday has called for parliamentary elections to be held on 22nd November with a run-off a week later.

The decree also changed the electoral rules with the new parliament consisting of 40 lawmakers coming from four governorates rather than the previous five governorates. The Central Governorate will be removed and its seats allocated to the other governorates. The new arrangements will have a Southern Governorate with 10 constituencies (+4), a Northern Governorate with 12 constituencies (+3), a Muharraq Governorate with eight seats (as before) and the Capital Governorate with 10 seats (+2).

At the last election in 2010 the Shia Al Wefaq Party won 18 seats, the Sunni Salafist Al Asalah won three seats and the Sunni Al Menbar Islamic Society won two seats. There were 17 independents.

Following the 2011 Bahraini uprising by the majority Shia population against the Sunni led government the Al Wefaq withdrew all 18 of its Members of Parliament. By-elections were held on 24th September to fill the 18 seats absented by Al Wefaq and all were filled by independents but most were reportedly supporters of the Sunni King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

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