PC in surprise win in Alberta


Despite the opinion polls suggesting that the Wildrose Party would win in Alberta yesterday, the ruling Progressive Conservatives came from behind and surged ahead to win a comfortable majority.

The results are still provisional, but the Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Progressive Conservatives took 62 ridings out of 87 seats in the legislative assembly with 44% of the vote. The Wildrose Party came second with 34.4% but managed to win in just 17 ridings.

The Liberal Party came equal third with the New Democrats, both parties taking four seats each.

Throughout the whole campaign the Wildrose Party had been ahead in the polls and appeared to be making much of the running. Towards the end of the campaign they appeared to lose some momentum but incumbency also appears to have played its part.

The Progressive Conservatives have been in power in Alberta since 1971, a point which PC leader Alison Redford acknowledged when she said “Today, Alberta, you spoke, and you spoke loudly. And I want you to know that I heard you. Albertans want change. They want positive change and they want change that moves Alberta forward.”

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