PDL does badly in local elections


Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party (PDL) has suffered widespread losses in local elections held on Sunday and Monday. The Northern League also suffered major losses.

The left wing Democratic Party (PD) did a little better and will face off a number of smaller anti-austerity parties in runoff elections later this month.

The big winner of the elections which has grabbed everyone’s attention is the Five Star Movement led by comic Beppe Grillo. His party made large gains in major cities including Parma and Genoa. The party has campaign on an anti-austerity and anti-Euro platform.

The results will be worrying for Prime Minister Mario Monti who has been pushing forward a progressive austerity, labour and market reform package. It will be more worrying for the parties that have agreed to support him such as the PDL and Northern League who face a general election sometime in early 2013.

Final results for the local elections will be known after the runoffs due to take place on 20th and 21st May.

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