Peru holds highly charged General Election


Peru is going to the polls today to elect a new President, two Vice-Presidents, the 130 members of the Congress of the Republic and five representatives to the Andean parliament. Members of Congress will be sworn in on 27th July and the President on 28th July.

There are 22,901,954 eligible voters of whom 884,924 are living abroad and will vote at missions overseas. Nearly 5,000 polling stations are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. local time in Peru and voting is compulsory.

In the presidential election there are ten candidates standing from an original seventeen. There has been controversy in the way that two candidates, Julio Guzman and Cesar Acuña both of whom were doing well in the polls, were disqualified. The front runner in the presidential election is Keiko Fujimori but tens of thousands of protesters have rallied recently to try and stop her from being elected because they fear that she will mirror the regime of her father Alberto Fujimori who was president from 1990 to 2000.

Keiko Fujimori appears unlikely to gain the more than 50% vote needed to win and so a second round runoff is expected to take place on 5th June.

The ten presidential candidates standing today are listed below. The top five have the information about the aggregate of the last four opinion polls to give you an idea of their likely standing:

Alfredo Barnechea; centrist Popular Action Party; fourth in the opinion polls with an aggregate of 9% over the last four opinion polls

Alan García; centrist APRA-PPC coalition called Popular Alliance; fifth in the opinion polls with an aggregate of 5.25%

Gregorio Santos; Direct Democracy

Verónika Mendoza; left-wing Broad Left Front coalition; third in the opinion polls with an aggregate of 14.43%

Fernando Olivera; Hope Front

Keiko Fujimori; right wing Popular Force Party; leads in the opinion polls with an aggregate of 35.33%

Antero Flores Aráoz; Order Party

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski; centre-right Peruvians for Change; second in the opinion polls with an aggregate of 16.13%

Alejandro Toledo; centrist Possible Peru

Miguel Hilario; Progressing Peru

In the vote for Congress of the Republic there are 12 parties and coalitions standing. A party needs to gain at least 5% of the vote to gain representation.

There are six parties who are expected to gain representation in the next parliament according to a recent Ipsos poll (after eliminating the parties unlikely to reach the threshold). They are:

Keiko Fujimori’s right wing Popular Force Party which is looking at a possible 64 seats according to Ipsos

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s centre-right Peruvians for Change with a possible 25 seats

Verónika Mendoza’s left-wing Broad Left Front coalition with a possible 24 seats

Alan García’s centrist Popular Alliance with a possible seven seats

Alfredo Barnechea’s centrist Popular Action Party with a possible five seats and

Cesar Acuña’s Alliance for Progress with a possible five seats.

Members of Congress will be sworn in on 27th July and the President on 28th July.

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