Peru Presidential hopefuls barred from standing


Peru’s electoral authority has disqualified two candidates prior to the 10th April general and presidential elections in Peru.

Peru’s special elections tribunal disqualified presidential candidate Cesar Acuña of the Alliance for Progress (APP-RN-SP) for vote buying. “Presidential candidate Cesar Acuña Peralta clearly incurred conduct prohibited in Article 42 of the Law on Political Organizations, since he promised and offered money in a campaign activity for the Alliance for Progress coalition,” said the official statement.

The same board also ruled out Julio Guzman on the grounds that his ‘All for Peru’ political party had failed to complete the proper technical procedures for nomination.

There are fifteen candidates on the ballot paper at the moment. Ipsos Peru had Julio Guzman on 18.2% in second place behind Keiko Fujimori of the Popular Force (FP) with 30.3% support. In third place is Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of the Peruvians for Change (PPC) on 9.1% and in fourth place was Cesar Acuña on 6.1%.

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