Phase Four of the general election takes place today


Phase Four of the nine phase election process in India takes place today.

This is a small part of the overall election again. Four states are involved and seven of the 543 constituencies electing members to the Lok Sabha are involved.

The big news in the election over the past day or so has been the revelation that the BJP prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, has admitted that he is married. He entered politics through the Hindu nationalist RSS group which praises celibacy; but it turns out that he was married early, spent about three years with his wife before the marriage ended amicably but not formally. At previous elections he had not filled in the box related to marriage details. Rahul Gandhi, his Indian national Congress opponent, is a bachelor.

In Assam in the far north-east of the country three of the 14 constituencies are up for grabs. There are 14 parties putting up 37 candidates in the state. The number of eligible voters is 2,933,075 and there are 3,698 polling stations.

Goa on the western coast is India’s smallest state and is heavily influenced by its Portuguese past. Both seats are being contested today and 7 political parties are putting up 19 candidates. The BJP should do well in Goa and its 1,060,777 electorate will be voting in 1,622 polling stations.

Sikkim is a small state which nudges up to the Himalayan Mountains and borders with Nepal. Its sole seat is contested today and six parties will contest with six candidates standing. The number of voters is 370,731 and they will vote at 538 polling stations.

Tripura is an important state for the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPI (M) where currently they hold 49 of the 60 seats in the legislative assembly. The second of the two seats will be contested today and ten political parties are contesting with 12 candidates standing. There are 140,269 eligible voters and 1,490 polling stations.

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