Phoney war continues


The phoney war in the Canadian general election continues with the Greens complaining because they have been left out of a televised debate (they have no MPs). 

Conservatives are saying that the opposition parties are planning a coalition and repeating their message that Michael Ignatieff the Liberal leader has only returned home to fight the election.  They are also reinforcing the message that the Liberal leader is dull and boring.  Conservative leader, Stephen Harper, has suggested that there should be a TV debate between himself and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff as the two main party leaders. 

The Liberals are attacking the Conservatives as corrupt, domineering (especially Stephen Harper) and undemocratic.  They have also countered the Conservative message about Michael Ignatieff by saying that 2 million Canadians work abroad and that 20% of Canadians were not born there.

The New Democrats have attacked on the Conservatives healthcare policy.

Perhaps the most amusing advert of the campaign so far is from the Greens.  A young woman appears to compare the Conservative government with her bad lover.  The crux of the message being that you wouldn’t want a lover like that so you shouldn’t want a government like this.  However the advert is too long and complicated and ultimately leaves, this listener at least, with a negative impression of the young woman as gabby.

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