Burkina Faso

PM reported to have resigned


Prime Minister Yacouba Izaac Zida is reported to have resigned his portfolio yesterday following a spat with the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP).

Zida came in as the new Prime Minister after President Blaise Compaoré was ousted by a popular uprising last year. The RSP were known to be close supporters of the former president and have complained about the prime minister, a former military commander, leading to rumours that he was to arrested after he returned from a trip abroad last week.

Zida called for the 1,300 strong RSP to be disbanded in February. And the RSP has been calling for the prime minister’s resignation along with that of Security Minister Auguste Denise Barry since earlier this year. Civic society groups are also known to be unhappy with the presence of the RSP especially in the lead up to elections.

The elections are due to be held in October this year to replace the transitional government which was established after President Compaoré fled the country last October and was replaced by President Michel Kafando.

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