Police prevent presidential election from taking place


In a bizarre turn of events the Maldives police have stopped a re-organised presidential election from taking place today. In the early hours of the morning the police entered the electoral commission office and prevented election materials from leaving the building. The police cited a contravention of the Supreme Court ruling no 2013/SC-C/42 as being the reason for the intervention.

President of the Electoral Commission Fuwad Thowfeek described the intervention as a “dark day for democracy”.

The original first round of the presidential election took place on 7th September with the former president, Mohammed Nasheed, taking 45.45% of the vote. But the Supreme Court annulled the election and prevented the second round from taking place because of supposed irregularities. International observers had praised the organisation of the original election process.

This latest intervention by the police means that a new polling day will have to be agreed despite the Supreme Court ruling that the elections should take place by 20th October.

The presidential term comes to an end on 11th November and if a fresh president is not elected by that time then analysts agree that there will be a constitutional crisis.

See Minivan news for a detailed explanation of the police intervention.

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