Poll changes everything


A poll published in Athens News which has been taken since the general election on Sunday suggests that the left wing and anti-bailout party Syriza would benefit from a general election and take first place.

The poll as published in Athens News is as follows:

Syriza 27.7% (128 seats)
New Democracy – 20.3% (57 seats)
Pasok 12.6% (36 seats)
Independent Greeks 10.2% (29 seats)
Communist Party 7% (20 seats)
Golden Dawn 5.7% (16 seats)
Democratic Left 4.9% (14 seats).

That would push New Democracy off the top spot, currently 108 seats, and instantly reduce the number of seats they hold by 50.

The poll looks as though PASOK would also suffer, losing 5 seats from their current 4 seats.

The result could create some pressure upon New Democracy and PASOK to find a few parliamentarians who would be prepared to support their stance even if that means some crossovers from other parties. The Democratic Left are known to be split over the best approach to take with roughly half wanting another election.

Currently the PASOK leader, Evangelos Venizelos is trying to form a unity government and is having discussions with the New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras. Between them, the two parties are two seats short of forming a majority. There are talks that some softening of the line on the bailout might lead to compromise and give them enough seats to form a government.

As such, today may prove to be the crunch day and everyone will be forming their strategies based upon that latest opinion poll.

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