Ponta faces Iohannis in Presidential second round runoff


Incumbent Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, will face Klaus Iohannis in a second round runoff in the Presidential election on 16th November.

The results of Sunday’s first round gave Ponta of the centre-left Social Democratic Party (PSD) and its UNPR-PC alliance 40.33% of the vote. Klaus Iohannis of the centre-right National Liberal Party (PNL) and its Christian Liberal Alliance received 30.44% with turnout at 52.6%.

None of the other twelve candidates received more than 6% of the vote.

Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, an Independent who came third on Sunday with 5.40% of the vote, has been suggested as a possible replacement for Victor Ponta as Prime Minister. Mr. Tăriceanu was Prime Minister off Romania from 2004 – 2008, seen by many as a golden economic period in Romania’s history. He is currently President of the Senate.

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