Portugal bailout becomes election issue


Advance voting began yesterday (Wednesday 7th April) in the Finnish general election, and will end on 12th April, before the main poll on 17th April.

Latest opinion polls would suggest that the True Finns are maintaining their strong position with 16.2% of the vote; they took just 4% of the vote in the 2007 general election. Standing on a platform of lowering refugee quotas, cutting foreign aid and cutting contributions to the EU, the True Finns are unlikely to be supportive of any Finnish backed bailout for Portugal.

That, in itself, will create a problem for the major political parties. If Finland is to support the Portuguese bailout then parliament will have to be recalled for a vote. With Finnish sentiment running in favour of the True Finns, the main party MPs are unlikely to put their election at jeopardy by voting to support the Portuguese.

To emphasise the point, the Centre Party is standing at 19.8% support, just behind their coalition partners the National Coalition Party on 19.9%. The opposition Social Democrats are on 18.1%.

On that basis the True Finns may well be part of the negotiations to join a coalition government after the election.

4.4 million people are registered to vote, with around ΒΌ million voting overseas.

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