PP and Podemos do well in local elections


Local elections were held in Galicia and the Basque Country for the 75 seat parliament of Galicia and the 75 seat Basque Parliament yesterday (25th September 2016).

The main losers were the main national opposition Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). In Galicia their local party, the Socialists’ Party of Galicia (PSdeG–PSOE) dropped four seats and 3.3% of the vote whilst in the Basque Parliament their local party, the Socialist Party of the Basque Country–Basque Country Left (PSE-EE) dropped seven seats and 7.0%.

The People’s Party (PP) which tentatively holds on nationally did well in Galicia, maintaining their 41 seats to hold control of the region and increasing their vote by 1.7% to 47.5% of the vote although in the Basque Parliament they dropped one seat and 1.4% of the vote.

The anti-austerity, left-wing Podemos did well in both regions, taking 14 seats (under the En Marea banner) in Galicia with 19.1% of the vote and 11 seats in the Basque Parliament (under the Elkarrekin Podemos banner) with 14.8% of the vote.

The Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ/PNV) won in the Basque Parliament, taking 29 seats, up two seats, with 37.7% of the vote.

With a third national general election in just under a year likely in December it suggests that the People’s Party will emerge as the largest party but without a majority once more, whilst Podemos looks set to replace the Socialist Party as the official opposition.

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