PP increases its lead


The People’s Party (PP) has increased its lead over the incumbent Socialist governing party in the latest two opinion polls published over the weekend.

In the El Pais newspaper a poll by Metroscopia has the People’s Party on 45.5% of the vote. If translated into seats this would give them between 185 and 190 seats in the 350 seat Congress of Deputies, with 176 needed for a majority. In the current parliament they have 154 deputies.

In the same poll the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) has 29.7% of the vote. That would equate to about 115 to 120 seats; they currently hold 169 seats.

In another newspaper, El Mundo, a Sigma Dos poll suggests that the PP will do even better, giving them 48% or 196 seats against the PSOE with 30.8% and 117 seats.

The election takes place on 20th November and there is still lots of time for change. As many as 24% of those polled said that they hadn’t yet made up their minds and the 15-M or Indignados may still play a part in the final results; at least 50,000 people were involved in the ‘Occupy’ protests yesterday.

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