President to remain suspended until 12th September


The Romanian Constitutional Court has delayed re-instating President Traian Băsescu after questions were raised as to the numbers of Romanians entitled to vote in the recent referendum.

In a communique on 29th July the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) stated that the number of valid voters in the referendum was 18,292,514. But quoted in Nine O’clock, the ID Documents and Data Base Administration Department of the MAI has since said that it “cannot guarantee the authenticity of the number of people present on the permanent electoral lists, as it does not have the supplementary legal instruments needed to control the data processed by local public authorities.”

Because 50% or more of voters had to have voted to validate the result of the referendum the issue of the number of voters entitled to vote has since been raised by the government. It was the government led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta who brought the impeachment vote forward.

Because of the uncertainty the Constitutional Court says it will take until 12th September to reach a conclusion. The decision by the court will have other repercussions because it will put into question the validity of local elections held earlier this year and it may cause a delay in the general election which is due to take place on 30th November this year.

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